Fellow Year Category Field of Study
William G. Crane 1956 Humanities Renaissance History
Meg Cranston 1994 Creative Arts Fine Arts
F. Edward Cranz 1973 Humanities Renaissance History
Vincent Crapanzano 2005 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Jonathan K. Crary 1991 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Douglas Crase 1984 Creative Arts Poetry
Bruce Cratsley 1989 Creative Arts Photography
Christian Cravo 2001 Creative Arts Photography
Bryce Crawford 1950 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Bryce Crawford 1972 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Margaret Crawford 2007 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Richard Crawford 1977 Humanities Music Research
Ruth Crawford 1930 Creative Arts Music Composition
Vincent Crawford 1997 Social Sciences Economics
Fred Cray 2003 Creative Arts Photography
Robert Payson Creed 1962 Humanities Medieval Literature
Robert Creeley 1964 Creative Arts Poetry
Robert Creeley 1971 Creative Arts Poetry
Walter L. Creese 1971 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
William P. Creger 1970 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Donald G. Creighton 1940 Social Sciences Political Science
William S. Creighton 1951 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
William S. Creighton 1952 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology