Fellow Year Category Field of Study
David A. Bell 2002 Humanities French History
J. Bowyer Bell 1972 Social Sciences Political Science
J. Frederick Bell 1961 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Larry Bell 1969 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Larry T. Bell 1981 Creative Arts Music Composition
Madison Smartt Bell 1991 Creative Arts Fiction
Malcolm Bell 1989 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Marvin Bell 1975 Creative Arts Poetry
Michael D. Bell 1990 Humanities American Literature
Millicent Bell 1971 Humanities American Literature
Neal C. Bell 1996 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Peter M. Bell 1981 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Vereen M. Bell 1987 Humanities English Literature
Robert N. Bellah 1983 Social Sciences Sociology
Mario Bellatin 2002 Creative Arts Fiction
Diana Bellessi 1993 Creative Arts Poetry
Carlos Germán Belli 1969 Creative Arts Poetry
Carlos Germán Belli 1987 Creative Arts Poetry
Saul Bellow 1948 Creative Arts Fiction
Saul Bellow 1955 Creative Arts Fiction
Nuel Belnap 1975 Humanities Philosophy
Zoe Beloff 2003 Creative Arts Video & Audio