Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Susan Botti 2005 Creative Arts Music Composition
Karl S. Bottigheimer 1973 Humanities British History
Carlos Botto Vallarino 1956 Creative Arts Music Composition
David Bottoms 1999 Creative Arts Poetry
Constance Brittain Bouchard 1994 Humanities Medieval History
Louis Bouché 1933 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Arthur J. Boucot 1956 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Daniel C. Boughner 1956 Humanities Renaissance History
Daniel C. Boughner 1958 Humanities Renaissance History
Paul Bouissac 1973 Social Sciences Sociology
Mark Boulby 1974 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Carmen Boullosa 1992 Creative Arts Fiction
Jenny Boully 2020 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Harry D. Bouras 1971 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Michael K. Bourdaghs 2019 Humanities East Asian Studies
Jean-Paul Bourdier 1992 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Philippe Bourgois 2013 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
William J. Bouwsma 1959 Humanities Renaissance History
Cecilia Bouzat 2005 Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Julie Bovasso 1971 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Nina Bovasso 2000 Creative Arts Fine Arts