Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Solomon Feferman 1972 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Solomon Feferman 1986 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Thomas P. Fehlner 1988 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Heide Fehrenbach 2007 Humanities German and East European History
Don E. Fehrenbacher 1959 Humanities U.S. History
Don E. Fehrenbacher 1984 Humanities U.S. History
Peter Feibleman 1959 Creative Arts Fiction
Charles Feidelson Jr. 1955 Humanities American Literature
Steven Feierman 2006 Humanities African Studies
Joel Feigin 1985 Creative Arts Music Composition
Herbert Feigl 1947 Humanities Philosophy
Gerald Feinberg 1973 Natural Sciences Physics
Joel Feinberg 1974 Humanities Philosophy
Ken Feingold 2004 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Michael E. Feingold 1977 Humanities Theatre Arts
Alejandro Feinstein 1969 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Anthony Feinstein 2000 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Robert N. Feinstein 1959 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Rochelle Feinstein 1996 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Robert Feintuch 2008 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Frederick Feirstein 1979 Creative Arts Poetry
Herbert Feis 1926 Social Sciences Political Science