Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Thomas J. Ypsilantis 1959 Natural Sciences Physics
Ricardo Yrarrázaval 1966 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Anthony C. Yu 1976 Humanities East Asian Studies
Bin Yu 2006 Natural Sciences Statistics
Hyuk Yu 1984 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Pauline R. Yu 1983 Humanities East Asian Studies
Peter Y. Yu 1994 Natural Sciences Physics
Yi-Yuan Yu 1959 Natural Sciences Engineering
Jason X.-J. Yuan 2008 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Luke Chia-Liu Yuan 1958 Natural Sciences Physics
Charles Yuen 2018 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Oscar Yujnovsky 1969 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Truman George Yuncker 1952 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Bell Yung 1996 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Adja Yunkers 1949 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Adja Yunkers 1954 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Sol Yurick 1972 Creative Arts Fiction
Saúl Yurkievich 1987 Humanities Latin American Literature
Steven R. Yussen 1979 Social Sciences Psychology
Jake Yuzna 2021 Creative Arts Film-Video