Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Fred R. Eggan 1953 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
William J. Eggleston 1974 Creative Arts Photography
Frank E. Egler 1955 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Milton Ehre 1975 Humanities Slavic Literature
Felipe Ehrenberg Enriquez 1975 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Irvin Ehrenpreis 1955 Creative Arts Biography
Irvin Ehrenpreis 1961 Creative Arts Biography
Barbara Ehrenreich 1987 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Albert A. Ehrenzweig 1951 Social Sciences Law
Gert Ehrlich 1984 Natural Sciences Physics
Gretel Ehrlich 1988 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Leonard Ehrlich 1933 Creative Arts Fiction
Leonard Ehrlich 1934 Creative Arts Fiction
Marty Ehrlich 2004 Creative Arts Music Composition
Bart D. Ehrman 2018 Humanities Religion
Barry Eichengreen 1999 Social Sciences Economics
Alfred S. Eichner 1971 Social Sciences Economics
Dale F. Eickelman 1991 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Jorge Eielson 1978 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Edwin M. Eigner 1985 Humanities Literary Criticism
Howard Eilberg-Schwartz 1992 Humanities Religion
Samuel Eilenberg 1950 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Samuel Eilenberg 1974 Natural Sciences Mathematics