Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Christopher Bram 2001 Creative Arts Fiction
Roberto G. Brambilla 1974 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Steven J. Brams 1986 Social Sciences Political Science
Phyllis Bramson 1993 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Edgar M. Branch 1978 Creative Arts Biography
Taylor Branch 1983 Creative Arts Biography
William B. Branch 1959 Creative Arts Drama and Performance Art
Winston Branch 1978 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Charles M. Brand 1972 Humanities Medieval History
Steve Brand 1988 Creative Arts Film
Edward Brandabur 1972 Humanities English Literature
Stanley Brandes 2008 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Deborah Brandt 2011 Social Sciences Education
Helene Brandt 1985 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Philip W. Brandt 1968 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Richard B. Brandt 1943 Humanities Philosophy
Warren W. Brandt 1957 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Louis de Branges 1967 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Ross Brann 1993 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Robert Branner 1962 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design