Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Leo Braudy 1971 Humanities English Literature
Richard D. Brauer 1941 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Gerard J. Brault 1968 Humanities French Literature
John I. Brauman 1978 Natural Sciences Chemistry
E. Lucy Braun 1943 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
E. Lucy Braun 1944 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Kazimierz P. Braun 1990 Humanities Theatre Arts
Micheline L. Braun 1978 Humanities French Literature
José Alberto Braunstein 1996 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Troy Brauntuch 2010 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Margarita Bravo Hollis 1955 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Anthony Braxton 1981 Creative Arts Music Composition
Philip James Bray 1968 Natural Sciences Physics
Ralph Bray 1969 Natural Sciences Physics
David Braybrooke 1962 Humanities Philosophy
Kenneth S. Brecher 1979 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Michael Brecher 1965 Social Sciences Political Science
William H. Breckenridge 1984 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Louis I. Bredvold 1929 Humanities English Literature
James O. Breeden 1979 Humanities U.S. History
Timothy Hall Breen 1975 Humanities U.S. History