Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Lewis Perry Curtis Jr. 1969 Humanities British History
C. Curtis-Smith 1978 Creative Arts Music Composition
John S. Curtiss 1954 Humanities Russian History
Amadeu Cury 1956 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Anne Greet Cushing 1972 Humanities French Literature
John Eldridge Cushing 1958 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Rachel Cusk 2018 Creative Arts Fiction
George F. Custen 1995 Humanities Film, Video and Radio Studies
Anthony Cutler 2002 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Hugh C. Cutler 1942 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Hugh C. Cutler 1946 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
James E. Cutting 1993 Social Sciences Psychology
George P. Cuttino 1944 Humanities French History
George P. Cuttino 1952 Humanities French History
Richard M. Cyert 1966 Social Sciences Political Science
Dorit Cypis 2014 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Andrew Cyrille 1999 Creative Arts Music Composition
Keren Cytter 2021 Creative Arts Film-Video
Chaya Czernowin 2011 Creative Arts Music Composition