Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Charles Richard Sanders 1960 Humanities English Literature
Charles Richard Sanders 1972 Humanities English Literature
Ed Parish Sanders 1988 Humanities Religion
Edward Sanders 1983 Creative Arts Poetry
Ernest H. Sanders 1965 Humanities Music Research
James Sanders 2006 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
James A. Sanders 1961 Humanities Religion
James A. Sanders 1972 Humanities Religion
Robert L. Sanders 1954 Creative Arts Music Composition
Scott R. Sanders 1992 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Seth L. Sanders 2015 Humanities Religion
T. Michael Sanders Jr. 1980 Natural Sciences Physics
Eric W. Sanderson 2021 Natural Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Jack Henry Sandground 1938 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Daniel J. Sandin 1978 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Lisa Sanditz 2008 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Irving H. Sandler 1964 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Kathe Sandler 1996 Creative Arts Film
Lucy Freeman Sandler 1988 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Richard Sandler 2006 Creative Arts Film
David Sandlin 2014 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Sigrid Sandström 2008 Creative Arts Fine Arts