Fellow Year Category Field of Study
B. F. Musallam 1987 Humanities History of Science and Technology
Charles Muscatine 1962 Humanities Medieval Literature
Leonard Muscatine 1970 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Delfina Muschietti 2002 Creative Arts Poetry
Richard A. Musgrave 1951 Social Sciences Economics
Richard A. Musgrave 1965 Social Sciences Economics
Thea Musgrave 1974 Creative Arts Music Composition
Thea Musgrave 1982 Creative Arts Music Composition
Tamar Muskal 2009 Creative Arts Music Composition
Carol Muske 1981 Creative Arts Poetry
Diana C. Mutz 2016 Social Sciences Political Science
Earl Hamlet Myers 1938 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Earl Hamlet Myers 1939 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Forrest Myers 1973 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Fred R. Myers 1988 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Gustavus Myers 1941 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Gustavus Myers 1942 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Jack E. Myers 1958 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Malcolm Haynie Myers 1950 Humanities Fine Arts
Malcolm Haynie Myers 1951 Humanities Fine Arts
Mitzi Myers 1990 Humanities English Literature
Richard L. Myers 1969 Creative Arts Film
Richard L. Myers 1971 Creative Arts Film
Rollie J. Myers Jr. 1957 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Joel Myerson 1981 Humanities American Literature
Roger B. Myerson 1983 Social Sciences Economics