Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Harold P. Olmo 1948 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Richard Olmstead 2012 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Robert Olmstead 1989 Creative Arts Fiction
David Lockwood Olmsted 1961 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Madeleine Olnek 2015 Creative Arts Film - Video
James Olney 1980 Humanities Literary Criticism
Dale A. Olsen 2005 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Donald J. Olsen 1967 Humanities British History
Donald J. Olsen 1979 Humanities British History
Judith Marie Olsen 2012 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Lance Olsen 2012 Creative Arts Fiction
Stephen L. Olsen 1986 Natural Sciences Physics
Tillie Olsen 1975 Creative Arts Fiction
William Olsen 2005 Creative Arts Poetry
Richard A. Olshen 1987 Natural Sciences Statistics
Alison G. Olson 1983 Humanities U.S. History
Axel R. Olson 1929 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Charles Olson 1939 Humanities American Literature
Charles Olson 1948 Humanities American Literature
Glending Olson 1990 Humanities Medieval Literature
Jerry S. Olson 1962 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Paul A. Olson 1962 Humanities Medieval Literature