Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Charles Till Davis 1958 Humanities Medieval History
Christopher Davis 1972 Humanities Fiction
David Brion Davis 1958 Humanities U.S. History
Diana K. Davis 2007 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Dick Davis 1999 Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Francis Davis 1993 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Gene Davis 1974 Creative Arts Fine Arts
H. L. Davis 1932 Creative Arts Poetry
Hallie Flanagan Davis 1926 Humanities Theatre Arts
Howard Ted Davis 1969 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Jerrold Davis 1959 Creative Arts Fine Arts
John Davis 1959 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
John A. Davis 1996 Humanities Italian History
Julie Nelson Davis 2021 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Kathryn Davis 2000 Creative Arts Fiction
Kenneth Sydney Davis 1974 Creative Arts Biography
L. Irby Davis 1957 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
L. J. Davis 1975 Creative Arts Fiction
Lance E. Davis 1963 Humanities Economic History
Lennard J. Davis 2002 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History