Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Ullrich G. Langer 1996 Humanities Italian Literature
André Langevin 1955 Creative Arts Fiction
Cooper Harold Langford 1935 Humanities Philosophy
A. J. Langguth 1976 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Alfredo Langguth 1970 Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Bernard Langlais 1972 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Walter G. Langlois 1967 Humanities French Literature
Robert Langridge 1983 Natural Sciences Computer Science
Basil Langton 1959 Humanities Theatre Arts
Edwin Lanham 1940 Creative Arts Fiction
Richard A. Lanham 1987 Humanities Literary Criticism
Edward Laning 1945 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Adriaan Lanni 2017 Humanities Classics
Yvonne T. Lanni 1970 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
John T. Lanning 1930 Humanities Iberian and Latin American History
Coral Lansbury 1982 Humanities English Literature
Carol Lansing 1999 Humanities Italian History
Paul Lansky 1990 Creative Arts Music Composition
Alcides Lanza 1965 Creative Arts Music Composition
Ricardo Lanzarini 2001 Creative Arts Fine Arts