Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Hadley Cantril 1949 Social Sciences Psychology
Robert S. Cantwell 1987 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Huai-Dong Cao 2004 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Hui Cao 2013 Natural Sciences Engineering
Martín Caparrós 1994 Creative Arts Fiction
Rodrigo B. Capaz 2003 Physics
Carlos Capelán 1995 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Gerald M. Capers 1959 Humanities U.S. History
Harry Caplan 1928 Humanities Medieval Literature
Harry Caplan 1956 Humanities Medieval Literature
Jane Caplan 1996 Humanities Intellectual and Cultural History
Lincoln Caplan 1989 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
David Caplovitz 1977 Social Sciences Sociology
Domenick Capobianco 1984 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Paul Caponigro 1966 Creative Arts Photography
Paul Caponigro 1975 Creative Arts Photography
Suzanne Caporael 2020 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Yoan Capote 2006 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Emile Capouya 1964 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Sylvain E. Cappell 1989 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Mary Cappello 2011 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Charles Capper 1994 Humanities American Literature