Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Walter D. Bonner Jr. 1967 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
O. T. Bonnett 1948 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Patricia U. Bonomi 1976 Humanities U.S. History
Arna Bontemps 1949 Creative Arts Biography
Jean Bony 1981 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Peter A. Boodberg 1938 Humanities Linguistics
Peter A. Boodberg 1955 Humanities Linguistics
Peter A. Boodberg 1963 Humanities Linguistics
Michael Book 1994 Creative Arts Photography
Natalie Bookchin 2001 Creative Arts Video & Audio
Chakaia Booker 2005 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Henry G. Booker 1954 Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
George Boolos 1996 Humanities Philosophy
Joseph A. Boone 1995 Humanities Literary Criticism
W. W. Boone 1957 Natural Sciences Mathematics
W. W. Boone 1977 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Stanley Boorman 2002 Humanities Bibliography
Bradford Allen Booth 1960 Humanities English Literature
Cameron Booth 1942 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Philip Booth 1958 Creative Arts Poetry
Philip Booth 1964 Creative Arts Poetry
Stephen Booth 1970 Humanities English Literature
Wayne C. Booth 1956 Humanities Literary Criticism
Wayne C. Booth 1969 Humanities Literary Criticism
Power Boothe 1985 Creative Arts Fine Arts