Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Richard Zenith 1987 Humanities Spanish and Portuguese Literature
Serge A. Zenkovsky 1964 Humanities Russian History
Miguel Zenón 2008 Creative Arts Music Composition
George A. Zentmyer 1964 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Arnulfo Zepeda 1982 Natural Sciences Physics
Catherine W. Zerner 1995 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Henri Thomas Zerner 1971 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Eviatar Zerubavel 2003 Social Sciences Sociology
James E. G. Zetzel 1997 Humanities Classics
William E. Zeuch 1931 Social Sciences Education
Ziony Zevit 1994 Humanities Religion
Ahmed Hassan Zewail 1987 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Edwin Hermann Zeydel 1932 Humanities German and Scandinavian Literature
Jorge Andrés Zgrablich 2003 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ladislav Zgusta 1976 Humanities Linguistics
Ladislav Zgusta 1983 Humanities Linguistics
Jianying Zha 2003 Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Li Zhang 2008 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Shou-Wu Zhang 2009 Natural Sciences Mathematics
Shoucheng Zhang 2007 Natural Sciences Physics
Shuguang Zhang 2006 Natural Sciences Engineering