Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Muttaiya Sundaralingam 1975 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
John E. Sunder 1966 Humanities U.S. History
Elizabeth R. Sunderland 1952 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Arnold Sundgaard 1951 Humanities Music Research
Ronald G. Suny 1983 Humanities Russian History
Robert H. Super 1962 Humanities English Literature
Robert H. Super 1970 Humanities English Literature
John Suppe 1978 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Patrick Suppes 1971 Social Sciences Psychology
Manil Suri 2004 Creative Arts Fiction
Edward Surtz, S.J. 1954 Humanities English Literature
Kenneth S. Suslick 2011 Natural Sciences Chemistry
Carlos Sussekind 1983 Creative Arts Fiction
Mervyn W. Susser 1972 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Eve Sussman 1995 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Rachel Sussman 2014 Creative Arts Photography
Wendy Sussman 1998 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Richard Sutch 1984 Humanities Economic History
Donald M. Sutherland 2001 Humanities French History
Donald W. Sutherland 1973 Humanities Medieval History
Gordon Brims Black McIvor Sutherland 1955 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology