Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Robert Brenner 1977 Humanities Economic History
Michael Brenson 2008 Creative Arts Biography
Robert Brentano 1965 Humanities Medieval History
Robert Brentano 1978 Humanities Medieval History
Boris Bresler 1961 Natural Sciences Engineering
James E. B. Breslin 1985 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Joan Bresnan 1975 Humanities Linguistics
Martin Bresnick 2003 Creative Arts Music Composition
Rubin Bressler 1969 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Alain Bresson 2018 Humanities Classics
Philip Brett 2002 Humanities Music Research
Sarah Brett-Smith 1984 Social Sciences Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Theodore W. Bretz 1960 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Lee Breuer 1977 Humanities Theatre Arts
Marco Breuer 2006 Creative Arts Photography
LeRoy C. Breunig 1959 Humanities French Literature
Holly Brewer 2014 Social Sciences Constitutional Studies
John Brewer 1991 Humanities British History
Leo Brewer 1949 Natural Sciences Chemistry
M. V. Brewington 1958 Humanities U.S. History
Joe Brewster 2016 Creative Arts Film - Video