Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Harry L. Swinney 1983 Natural Sciences Physics
Robert L. Switzer 1975 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Stephanie Syjuco 2014 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Lynn R. Sykes 1988 Natural Sciences Earth Science
Geoffrey W. Symcox 1977 Humanities French History
Paul S. Symonds 1957 Natural Sciences Engineering
Wylie Sypher 1949 Humanities Literary Criticism
Wylie Sypher 1958 Humanities Literary Criticism
Frederick S. Szalay 1979 Natural Sciences Earth Science
John Szarkowski 1954 Creative Arts Photography
John Szarkowski 1961 Creative Arts Photography
Arthur Sze 1997 Creative Arts Poetry
Marc M. Szeftel 1959 Humanities Russian History
Clara M. Szego 1956 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Julian Szekely 1974 Natural Sciences Engineering
Andrew G. Szent-Györgyi 1966 Natural Sciences Medicine and Health
Alex Szogyi 1962 Humanities Theatre Arts
Joseph Szövérffy 1961 Humanities Medieval Literature
Joseph Szövérffy 1969 Humanities Medieval Literature
Larissa Szporluk 2009 Creative Arts Poetry
John F. Szwed 1985 Humanities Folklore and Popular Culture
Mary Szybist 2014 Creative Arts Poetry
Sebastián Szyd 2010 Creative Arts Photography