Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Bertus Harry Wabeke 1954 Social Sciences Political Science
Martin Wachs 1977 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Michael Wachtel 2007 Humanities Slavic Literature
Peter O. Wacker 1971 Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Studies
Mauricio Wacquez 1977 Creative Arts Fiction
Yoshimasa Wada 1991 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Raymond B. Waddington 1972 Humanities English Literature
Patricia Waddy 1998 Humanities Architecture, Planning and Design
Hugh Mason Wade 1943 Humanities American Literature
Hugh Mason Wade 1944 Humanities American Literature
John Donald Wade 1926 Creative Arts Biography
Meenakshi Wadhwa 2005 Natural Sciences Astronomy and Astrophysics
Frank W. Wadsworth 1961 Humanities English Literature
Philip Adrian Wadsworth 1949 Humanities French Literature
Andrew Waggoner 2005 Creative Arts Music Composition
Hyatt H. Waggoner 1964 Humanities American Literature
Hyatt H. Waggoner 1971 Humanities American Literature
Paul Edward Waggoner 1963 Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Anne M. Wagner 1988 Humanities Fine Arts Research
Catherine Wagner 1987 Creative Arts Photography
Melinda Jane Wagner 1988 Creative Arts Music Composition
Peter E. Wagner 1966 Natural Sciences Engineering