Fellow Year Category Field of Study
Oscar A. Haac 1957 Humanities French Literature
Hans Haacke 1973 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Charles M. Haar 1982 Social Sciences Law
Ernst B. Haas 1973 Social Sciences Political Science
Mary R. Haas 1964 Humanities Linguistics
Philip Haas 1991 Creative Arts Film
Richard Haas 1983 Creative Arts Fine Arts
Carl H. Haber 2006 Natural Sciences Engineering
Edward L. Haber 1954 Creative Arts Fine Arts
James E. Haber 1999 Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Biology
Yotam Haber 2005 Creative Arts Music Composition
Tyrell Haberkorn 2020 Humanities South Asian Studies
David L. Haberman 2013 Humanities Religion
Shelby J. Haberman 1977 Natural Sciences Statistics
Louis M. Hacker 1948 Humanities Economic History
Louis M. Hacker 1958 Humanities Economic History
Marilyn Hacker 1980 Creative Arts Poetry
Francis Hackett 1953 Creative Arts Biography
Ian Hacking 1990 Humanities Philosophy
Rachel Hadas 1988 Creative Arts Poetry
Charlie Haden 1970 Creative Arts Music Composition