Rheim Alkadhi

Fellow: Awarded 2020

Field of Study: Fine Arts

Competition: US & Canada

Website: http://picturesclerk.net

Rheim Alkadhi (1973, Buffalo, NY) is a visual artist. For more than a decade, she has inhabited the field of practice; traversing regional topographies, devising consequent methodologies, and documenting gendered, deeply nonconforming processes of autonomous exchange. During extended field engagements, and with institutional support, the following projects were introduced: Diagrams of Future Moments (Morocco, 2011); Collective Knotting Together of Hairs (Palestine, 2012); Here Is My Life, Which I Devote to Learning About You (Jordan, 2013); Picture City Body (Lebanon, 2013); Necropolis (Bahrain, 2014); and Communications from the Field of Contact: Each Hair Is a Tongue (UAE, 2014-2015). Staged micro-literatures include Eye Theatre Closes Its Doors and Opens Them Again (2015), Köln Phantasm (2016), Script for Eleven Hairs (2015-2017) and Our Current Dwelling Is Fire (2018-2019). The project Majnoon Field (Iraq/various) is an ongoing framework for collective emergence from under the wreckage of neoliberalism. Alkadhi is 2020-2021 research fellow of GKFD (Association for Artistic Research) in Berlin, where she currently lives.