Andrew Lytle

Fellow: Awarded 1940

Field of Study: Fiction

Fellow: Awarded 1941

Field of Study: Fiction

Fellow: Awarded 1959

Field of Study: Fiction

Competition: US & Canada

Born: 12-26-1903

Died: 12-12-1995

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1939–40:

LYTLE, ANDREW NELSON:  Appointed for creative work in the field of the novel; tenure, twelve months from April 15, 1940.

Born December 26, 1903, at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Education:  Vanderbilt University, B.A., 1925; Yale University, 1927–29.

Publications:  Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company, 1931; The Long Night, 1936. Essays and stories in Virginia Quarterly Review, Southern Review, American Review, New Republic, Hound & Horn. Contributor to I’ll Take My Stand, 1930; Who Owns America?, 1936.