Carlos Chávez

Carlos Chávez

Fellow: Awarded 1938

Field of Study: Music Composition

Fellow: Awarded 1956

Field of Study: Music Composition

Competition: US & Canada

Born: 06-13-1899

Died: 08-02-1978

As published as the Foundation’s Report for 1937–38:

CHÁVEZ, CARLOS:  Appointed for creative work in musical composition:  tenure, five months during the year 1938.

Born June 13, 1899, in Mexico City.  Education:  Musical studies with Manuel M. Ponce and Pedro Luis Ogazón.

Conductor, 1928—, Symphony Orchestra of Mexico; Director, 1928–33, 1934, National Conservatory of Music, Mexico; Chief of the Department of Fine Arts, 1933–34, Secretariat of Public Education, Mexico; guest conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and N. B. C. Symphony Orchestra, 1936–38.

Principal compositions:  El Fuego Nuevo, Polígonos, Tres Exágonos, Otros Tres Exágonos, Sonatina for Piano, Sonatina for Piano and Cello, Sonatina for Piano and Violin, Energia, 36, Los Cuatro Soles, H. P., Tercera Sonata, Solo Blues and Fox, Sonata for Horns, Paisaje and Unidad, Tierra Mojada, Todo, Soli, Sinfonía de Antigona, Cantos de Mexico, El Sol, Llamadas, Spiral, Obertura Republicana