Edmund Wilson

Fellow: Awarded 1935

Field of Study: Literary Criticism

Fellow: Awarded 1939

Field of Study: Literary Criticism

Competition: US & Canada

Born: 05-08-1895

Died: 06-12-1972

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1935–36:

WILSON, EDMUND: Appointed for the completion of a book dealing with the study of history during the past hundred years, to be entitled “To the Finland Station: An Essay on Writing and Acting History”; tenure, twelve months from May 1, 1935.

Born May 8, 1895, at Red Bank, New Jersey. Education:  Princeton University, A.B., 1916; Columbia University, Summer, 1915.

Managing editor, 1920–21, Vanity Fair; member of editorial staff, 1927–31, The New Republic.

Publications:  The Undertaker’s Garland, 1922 (with John Peale Bishop); Discordant Encounters, 1926; I Thought of Daisy, 1929; Poets, Farewell !, 1929; Axel’s Castle, 1931; The American Jitters, 1932.