Edward P. Hutchinson

Fellow: Awarded 1941

Field of Study: Sociology

Fellow: Awarded 1956

Field of Study: Sociology

Competition: US & Canada

Born: 01-03-1906

Died: 12-16-1990

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1941–42:

HUTCHINSON, EDWARD PRINCE:  Appointed for research into the socio-economic significance of population; tenure, twelve months from September 1, 1941.

Born January 3, 1906, Auburn, Maine. Education:  Bowdoin College, A.B., 1927; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D., 1933. Social Science Research Council Fellow, University of Stockholm and London School of Economics, 1933–35.

Instructor in Vital Statistics, 1929–32, Harvard School of Public Health; Instructor in Sociology, 1935—, Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges; Fellow in Population, 1940–41, Library of Congress. Special Agent, 1936, Bureau of the Census; Collaborator, 1938, Forest Service.

Publications:  The Incidence of Tuberculosis among Massachusetts School Children, 1933; Studies of Differential Fertility in Sweden, 1935 (with K. A. Edin). Articles in American Sociological Review, Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, American Journal of Hygiene, Social Science Research Council Bulletins.