George Antheil

George Antheil

Fellow: Awarded 1932

Field of Study: Music Composition

Fellow: Awarded 1933

Field of Study: Music Composition

Competition: US & Canada

Born: 07-08-1900

Died: 02-12-1959


As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

ANTHEIL, GEORGE:  Appointed for creative work in musical composition, abroad; tenure, twelve months from May 25, 1932.

Born July 8, 1900, at Trenton, New Jersey. Educaton: Studied music with Constantine von Sternberg, Uselma Clarke Smith, Ernest Block and Arthur Schnable.

Principal Compositions:  Zingareska, symphony, performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Schultz-Dornberg, in Berlin, 1922; First Violin and Piano Sonata, performed by Olga Rudge, in Paris, 1923, Budapest, 1926, and Rome, 1927; Second Violin Sonata, performed by Olga Rudge, in Paris, 1923, and by Sascha Jacobsen, in New York, 1927; Symphony in F, twice performed by Vladimir Golschmann, Paris, 1926; Ballet Mecanique, performed under the direction of Vladimir Golschmann, Paris, 1926, under the direction of Eugene Goossens, New York, 1927, with the film by Ferdinand Leger, in Paris, 1927, and at the International Festival, Baden-Baden, 1928; Third Violin Sonata, performed by Olga Rudge, Budapest, 1926, Rome, 1927, and Paris, 1927; Piano Concerto, performed in Concerts Golschmann, Paris, 1927; Jazz Symphony, performed by Handy’s Orchestra, conducted by Allie Ross, New York, 1927; First String Quartet, performed at the S. M. I. Concert, Paris, and by the Sascha Jacobsen Quartet, New York, 1927; Second String Quartet, performed by Swastika Quartet, Philadelphia, and at the Copland-Sessions Concerts, New York, 1928; Fighting the Waves, ballet, performed at the Abbey Theater, Dublin, and, under the direction of constant Lambert, at the Hammersmith Theater, London, 1929; Oedipus, incidental music for the drama by Sophocles, performed at the Berlin State Theater, in Munich, and in other German cities, 1929; Capriccio for Orchestra, performed twice under the direction of Nicolai Malko, by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the Berlin Rund-Funk Orchestra, 1930 and 1931; Transatlantic, opera, performed under the direction of Herbert Graf and Steinberg, Frankfurt State Theatre, 1930; Chamber Concert for Eight Instruments, performed at the League of Composers concert, New York, 1932.

Publications: Articles in Modern Music, The Forum, The New Review (Paris), La Nouvelle Revue Française (Paris), Transatlantic Review (Paris), Querschnitt (Berlin), and other magazines.