Jane Gillooly

Jane Gillooly

Fellow: Awarded 2012

Field of Study: Film - Video

Competition: US & Canada

Jane Gillooly is a nonfiction and narrative film/video maker whose work is inspired and informed by a century of nonfiction filmmaking, silent and vintage cinema, and activism. Gillooly consistently surprises as she crosses new boundaries and confronts new subjects with her distinctive vision. The Suitcase of Love and Shame repurposes historical material for use in time-based media collage and is the culmination of an evolving filmography. Gillooly uniquely balances a commitment to emotional authenticity with a sensorial, textural style driven by striking images, sounds, and a musical approach to editing. Gillooly has an enormous capacity for capturing the complexities of real characters on film. As in her previous works, Today the Hawk Takes One Chick (2008) and Leona’s Sister Gerri (1995), Gillooly demonstrates a compassion for and instinctive understanding of the nuances of human emotion.