Lily Garafulic Yancovic

Fellow: Awarded 1944

Field of Study: Fine Arts

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Born: 05-14-1914

Died: 03-15-2012

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1943–44:

Latin American Exchange Fellows, 1944:

Appointed from Chile:

GARAFULIC YANCOVIC, LILY. Appointed for creative work in sculpture; tenure, twelve months from October 1, 1944.

Born May 14, 1914, Santiago, Chile. Education: Academia de Bellas Artes, University of Chile, 1934–37. Awarded a scholarship by the University of Chile for study in Europe, 1938.

Assistant in Sculpture, 1937–40, Assistant Professor, 1940—, University of Chile.

Exhibited at University of Chile, 1936; Spring Salon, Viña del Mar, 1936, 1939; Salon of Plastic Arts, Valparaiso, 1937; Official Salon, Santiago, 1939 (received Second Award): Salon of the Fourth Centenary of Santiago, 1940 (received First Award); Exposition of Chilean Art, Buenos Aires, 1940; Salon of Plastic Arts, Santiago, 1941; traveling show of Chilean Art exhibited in the United States, 1941; Official Salon, Santiago, 1942 (received First Award); Sculpture exhibition at Chilean and North American Institute of Culture, Santiago, 1944; traveling exposition of Chilean Art exhibited in Brazil and Uruguay, 1944.