Mauricio Lasansky

Fellow: Awarded 1943

Field of Study: Fine Arts

Fellow: Awarded 1944

Field of Study: Fine Arts

Fellow: Awarded 1945

Field of Study: Fine Arts

Fellow: Awarded 1953

Field of Study: Fine Arts

Fellow: Awarded 1964

Field of Study: Fine Arts

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

Born: 10-12-1914

Died: 04-02-2012

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1943–44:

Latin American Exchange Fellows, 1943:

Appointed from Argentina:

LASANSKY, MAURICIO.  Appointed for creative work in printmaking and study of prints; tenure, twelve months from October 20, 1943.

Born October 12, 1914, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Education:  School of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, 1934–36.

Founder and Director, 1937–39, Free School of Fine Arts, University Bernardino Rivadavia, Cordoba; Director of the studio, 1937—, Amadeo Auchter School, Cordoba.

Exhibitions:  Exhibited at Art Institute of Chicago, Exhibition of Argentine Prints in Brazil, Exhibition of Argentine Art at Viña del Mar (Chile), New York World’s Fair, Exhibition of Argentine Art in San Francisco, Metropolitan Museum. One-man shows in Rio Negro, Cordoba, Rio Cuarto, Tucuman, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago del Estero.  Represented in the permanent collections of the National Museum of Fine Arts, and Municipal Museum, Buenos Aires; Castagnino Museum of Rosario; Municipal Museum of Rio Cuarto; Provincial Museum of Tucuman; Provincial Museum of Cordoba; Mendoza Museum; Museum of Modern Art. Winner of awards at Circle of Fine Arts (Buenos Aires), Salon of Avellaneda (Buenos Aires), Salon Provincial (La Plata), Municipal Salon of Plastic Arts (Cordoba), National Salon (Buenos Aires), Print Salon (Buenos Aires), Salon of Rosario, Spring Salon (Buenos Aires), Provincial Salon (Mar del Plata).