Richard P. Blackmur

Fellow: Awarded 1937

Field of Study: Literary Criticism

Fellow: Awarded 1938

Field of Study: Literary Criticism

Competition: US & Canada

Born: 01-21-1904

Died: 02-02-1965


As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1937–38:
(Profile photograph: Richard Palmer Blackmur, 50 Chambers Street, Boston, Massachusetts)

BLACKMUR, RICHARD PALMER:  Appointed for a critical interpretation of the life and works of Henry Adams; tenure, twelve months from April 1, 1937.

Born January 21, 1904, at Springfield, Massachusetts.

Managing editor, 1928–29, Hound & Horn.

Publications:  Dirty Hands, or The True-born Censor, 1933; Psyche in the South, 1934; The Double Agent, 1935; From Jordan’s Delight, 1937. Editor of The Art of the Novel, by Henry James, 1934. Articles in Virginia Quarterly Review, Southern Review, Hound & Horn, New Republic, Nation, Poetry Magazine, Direction, New Freeman, Bookman, American Mercury, Larus.