Arthur H. Copeland Sr.

Arthur H. Copeland Sr.

Fellow: Awarded 1935
Field of Study: Mathematics

Competition: US & Canada

University of Michigan

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1935–36:

COPELAND, ARTHUR HERBERT:  Appointed for researches in mathematics with the purpose of developing a complete set of postulates for the foundations of the theory of probability and proof of their consistency; tenure, twelve months from August 1, 1935.

Born June 22, 1898, at Rochester, New York. Education: Amherst College, A.B., 1921; University of Chicago, Summer, 1921; Harvard University, A.M., Ph.D., 1926.

Instructor in Mathematics, 1922–23, Harvard University; Instructor in Mathematics, 1924–28, Rice Institute; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1928–29, University of Buffalo; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1929—, University of Michigan.

Publications: Articles in Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, American Journal of Mathematics, The Annals of Mathematical Statistics, Mathematische Zeitschrift.

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