Bonnie Honig

Bonnie Honig

Fellow: Awarded 2023
Field of Study: Literary Criticism

Competition: US & Canada

Bonnie Honig, Nancy Duke Lewis Professor of Modern Culture and Media/Political Science at Brown University, works in political, feminist, and queer theory, immigration politics, as well as film, classical, literary, legal, and cultural studies.

A Johns Hopkins PhD, MSc from the LSE, BA from Montreal’s Concordia University, Honig’s books include Political Theory and the Displacement of Politics (Cornell, 1993/2023, Spitz Prize), Democracy and the Foreigner (Princeton, 2001), Emergency Politics (Princeton, 2009; co-winner, Easton Prize), Antigone, Interrupted (Cambridge, 2013), Public Things: Democracy in Disrepair (Fordham, 2017), A Feminist Theory of Refusal (Harvard, 2021), and Shellshocked: Feminist Criticism After Trump (Fordham, 2021). Also affiliated with the American Bar Foundation, Honig’s current project, Doing Things with Words: Virality and Performativity in Democratic and Queer Theory, draws on ordinary language philosophy, legal studies, and queer theory debates from the 90’s, to consider the politics of sexual/racial minoritization. The project is previewed in “Toward a democratic theory of contagion: virality and performativity with Eve Sedgwick, JL Austin, Hortense Spillers, and Patricia Williams” (London Review of International Law, 2023). In Fall 2023, Cultural Critique will publish her “Epistemology of the Curtain: Sex, Sound, and Solidarity in Singin’ in the Rain and Sorry to Bother You.”

Photo Credit: Brown University

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