Daniel Wiener

Daniel Wiener

Fellow: Awarded 2012
Field of Study: Fine Arts

Competition: US & Canada

Daniel Wiener grew up in Los Angeles County but has lived in or around New York City for close to thirty years. Daniel’s first show was at the Stephen Wirtz gallery in San Francisco, held shortly after his graduation from University of California at Berkeley in 1977. In 1982 Daniel was awarded a fellowship for an unusually long stay at Yaddo, which inspired his exodus to the East Coast. Daniel went on to attend the Whitney Independent Study Program (1982–1983) and receive a NYFA grant (1995). He revisited the West Coast as Artist-in-Residence at the Pilchuck School of Glass in (2005). Daniel’s work has been exhibited nationally in both group and one-person shows, notably but not exclusively at Germans Van Eyck, Holly Solomon, and Bravin/Post Lee Galleries in New York and Acme Gallery in Los Angeles. Internationally his work has been presented at Barbara Farber (Amsterdam), Vadstrup & Bie (Copenhagen), and Galerie Filles du Calvaire and Jeff Gleich Gallery in Paris. The not-for-profit spaces which exhibited his work include the Thread-Waxing Exhibition Space, Art-in-General, and the Sculpture Center.

 In the spring/summer of 2012, his work will live and breathe in an outdoor exhibition at the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, New York.

Though he is known primarily for his intense and viscerally arresting sculptures, Daniel also works on watercolors, 3-D animations, and website design. Daniel is presently affiliated with  Lesley Heller Workspace on the Lower East Side of New York City. In a review of his most recent one-man  exhibition at Lesley Heller Project Space in 2011, critic David Brody writes:  "Wiener achieves, as I’ve said, a kind of rhythmic, cloisonné effect that can fascinate in the manner of fractals, cauliflower brain scans, ornamental overload, and state-of-the-art geometric abstraction—as filtered, that is, through the melting optics of a hippie-candle, with all due pathos.  Not that Wiener’s work drips with lassitude; on the contrary, it is restless in its artistic vacillation.  This restlessness, this pathos of vision unattained, can seem funny enough, but it is ultimately the grave pathos of entropy." (Read An Ethos of Industrious Neurosis: Daniel Wiener at Lesley Heller.)

Daniel lives and works in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Visit his website to catch up on the most recent developments.


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