David A. Baum

David A. Baum

Fellow: Awarded 2007
Field of Study: Organismic Biology & Ecology

Competition: US & Canada

University of Wisconsin, Madison

My goal is to understand how plant form evolves as a function of changes in developmental regulatory genes and to relate this to the functioning of plants in their natural environments.  To achieve this my lab conducts research on a number of plants groups using a diversity of experimental strategies including developmental genetics, transgenetics, phylogenetics, morphological development, pollination ecology, and phylogenetic analysis. 

My lab is very much an interdisciplinary meeting ground fostering a diversity of ideas and outlooks.  The students and post-docs have varied backgrounds.  Our lab meetings are journal club style with papers from a wide range of fields.  Much of the best learning and brainstorming happens during teatime or sitting out on Bascom Hill.


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