Eric A. Havelock

Eric A. Havelock

Fellow: Awarded 1941
Field of Study: Classics
Fellow: Awarded 1943
Field of Study: Classics

Competition: US & Canada

Victoria College

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1941–42:

Appointed from Canada:

HAVELOCK, ERIC ALFRED:  Appointed for the writing of a book on the philosophy of Socrates, considered in its social and cultural context; tenure, twelve months from June 1, 1941.

Born June 3, 1903, in England.  Education:  Cambridge University, B.A., 1926, M.A., 1929.

Assistant Professor of Classics, 1926–28, Associate Professor, 1928–29, Acadia University; Associate Professor of Classics, 1929—, Victoria College, University of Toronto.

Publications:  The Lyric Genius of Catullus, 1939. Articles in Transactions of the American Philological Association, School, Canadian Forum, Canadian Student, World Tomorrow, New Outlook, Christian Century, Christendom, Saturday Night.  Contributor to Towards the Christian Revolution, 1936.

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