Eric Dyer

Eric Dyer

Fellow: Awarded 2012
Field of Study: Film - Video

Competition: US & Canada

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Eric Dyer has resurrected the zoetrope, a pre-cinema optical toy, and is using it to create and explore a visual language of loops and spirals. When spun, the complex circular sculptures, dubbed cinetropes, are a blur to the human eye but come to full animated life when viewed through shutter glasses or the lens of a fast-shutter video camera. Dyer’s projects are exhibited as both films and installations.

Follow this link to view a compilation of film clips and behind-the-scenes footage from Copenhagen Cycles (2006) and The Bellows March (2009).

Follow this link to view Dyer’s "Skate-Helix Transit" 2009,  (Zcorp 3D print and acrylics, 16in L x 16in W x 12in H)


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