Jason Fulford

Jason Fulford

Fellow: Awarded 2014
Field of Study: Photography

Competition: US & Canada

Jason Fulford is a photographer and publisher, born in Atlanta, Georgia.

With his home in New York City, and his archive in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Fulford spends a third of the year on the road. His photographs have been described as open metaphors.

Fulford’s interest in books is manifested in several ways. Monographs of his work include Sunbird (2000), Crushed (2003), Raising Frogs For $$$ (2006), The Mushroom Collector (2010), and Hotel Oracle (2013). He is the author, with Tamara Shopsin, of the forthcoming photography book for children, This Equals That (Aperture, 2014). In 2000, Fulford and artist Leanne Shapton founded the nonprofit publishing imprint J&L Books. Fulford’s photographs have also been featured in Harper’s, New York Times Magazine, Time, Blind Spot, Aperture, and on book jackets for Don Delillo, John Updike, Bertrand Russell, Jorge Luis Borges, Terry Eagleton, Ernest Hemingway, and Richard Ford.

Fulford regularly gives lectures and workshops at universities and institutions.


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