Jean Charlot

Jean Charlot

Fellow: Awarded 1944
Field of Study: Fine Arts Research
Fellow: Awarded 1946
Field of Study: Fine Arts Research

Competition: US & Canada

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1943–44:

(Profile photograph: Arnett’s Studio, Athens, Georgia)

CHARLOT, JEAN.  Appointed for the preparation of a history of the beginnings of modern Mexican mural-painting; tenure, twelve months from June 8, 1945.

Born February 8, 1898, in France.

Mural Painter, 1922–24, Ministry of Public Education of Mexico; First Draftsman at Chichen Itza, 1926–29, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Instructor, 1931–32, 1936–37, 1938–41, Art Students League; Instructor in Painting, 1941, Brooklyn Art Institute; Artist in Residence, 1941–44, University of Georgia; Instructor in Art, Smith College, 1944—.

Publications:  The Temple of the Warriors (in collaboration), 1929; Preliminary Study of the Ruins of Coba Macanxoc (with Eric Thompson), 1932; Catalogue of Prints, 1917–1936, 1937; Art from the Mayans to Disney, 1939. Articles in Eureka, Revista de Revistas, Mexican Folkways, Mexican Life, Hound & Horn, Creative Arts, American Magazine of Art, American Scholar, Art Students League Magazine, Liturgical Arts, Nation, Commonweal, El Democrata.

One-man shows:  Art Students League, University of Wisconsin, San Diego Museum, Toronto Museum, Smith College, Columbia University, Bennington College, Disney Studios (Hollywood), University of Iowa, University of Oklahoma, Louisiana State University, University of Georgia, Baltimore Museum, New York Public Library, M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, Black Mountain College, Knoxville Art Center. Exhibited at Exposition d’Art Liturgique (Paris), Salon d’Automne (Paris), Escuela de Bellas Artes (Mexico), Palacio Mineria (Mexico), Witte Memorial Museum (San Antonio), Metropolitan Museum, Fifty Prints of the Year, Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art, Pennsylvania Academy Institute of Modern Art (Boston), Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Represented in the permanent collections of Metropolitan Museum, Phillips Memorial Gallery. Mural commissions executed for the National Preparatory School, Mexico, D. F.; Ministry of Education, Mexico, D. F.; University of Iowa; Fine Arts Building and Journalism Building, University of Georgia.


Photograph credit: Arnett’s Studio, Athens, GA.

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