José Ome Navarrete Mazatl

José Ome Navarrete Mazatl

Fellow: Awarded 2021
Field of Study: Choreography

Competition: US & Canada

José Ome Navarrete Mazatl is a native of México City. He founded NAKA Dance Theater in 2001 and curates LiveArts in Resistance at EastSide Arts Alliance in Oakland, CA.

His work lies in the intersection of experimental art and activism. He is interested in how we use art and social justice to frame a point of view and how this lens affects our interpretation of reality. José Ome facilitates and engages in art practices that center social justice as a creative source. His practice plants seeds for artistic work that triggers audience imagination, inviting all to engage in a deep inquiry of how systems of power are formed and how they affect us.

He use multi-disciplinary performance forms — particularly movement, poetry and architectural concepts of space — to create a new form of expression — one that detonates an intellectual and kinesthetic response for civic participation.

José Ome works in depth with local communities to learn from one another through art making. Together, we embody visibility by reclaiming public spaces and reconfiguring traditional performance venues. We magnify personal histories and social concerns, instigating change in existing narratives and systems and expanding our world view. View more on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Stevie Sanchez

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