Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea Hernán

Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea Hernán

Fellow: Awarded 2009
Field of Study: Fine Arts Research

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

An independent writer and researcher, Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea Hernández will use his term as a Guggenheim Fellow to investigate how American political cartoons dealing with the Mexican Revolution of 1910 shaped American opinion of that event.

Mr. Aurrecoechea Hernández is the author, with Armando Bartra, of the multivolume series Puros Cuentos (Consejo Nacional para la Cultura and Artes-Grijalbo, 1988, 1993,1994), which chronicles the history of comics in Mexico from 1874 through 1950. He also wrote a number of other articles on comics, in print and on screen, including “De pepines, chamacos y herederos,” in Gallito Comics, No. 48 (February 1998) and “Paquete de sorpresas: Disney, México y Los tres caballeros,” Universidad de México, No. 620 (February 2003).

He has been awarded two Fellowships from the Fondo National para la Cultura y las Artes, in 1996 to catalog twentieth-century Mexican cartoons, and in 2006 to support his research on that subject at the Hemeroteca Nacional.

Also an expert in animation and photography studies, Mr. Aurrecoechea Hernández has curated many exhibitions on these topics, including in May 2002 Retrospectiva del cine mexicano de amimación, which featured fifty-six films made between 1935 and 2001, mounted at Cineteca Nacional and the film department at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM); in 2004 Cineteca Nacional and the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes published his book on this topic, El episodio perdido: historia del cine mexicano de animación. He was commissioned to write Grupo Modelo 1925-2000: cimientos de una gran familia and El Universal: espejo de nuestro tiempo (2007).

Since 2007, he has been an invited researcher at the Instituto Nacional de antropología e Historia, and since 2008, at the film department at UNAM.


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