Karin A. Dahmen

Karin A. Dahmen

Fellow: Awarded 2016
Field of Study: Physics

Competition: US & Canada

Karin Dahmen is Professor of Physics at Illinois. Her research is in theoretical condensed matter physics, investigating non-equilibrium systems with disorder. Her recent research uses ideas and tools from statistical physics to model the plastic deformation of solid materials.

Other areas of investigation range from high-temperature superconductors to Barkhausen noise in magnetic systems to biophysics – including the study of avalanches in neural networks, modeling stochastic gene-expression, and population dynamics in inhomogeneous environments.

She has served on national and international committees and boards, and was elected as member at large of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP), and of the topical group of statistical and nonlinear physics (GSNP) of the American Physical Society (APS). She has served as a panel member of the Excellence Initiative in Germany.

Her Awards/Honors include a Junior Fellowship at Harvard University (1995-98), a Sloan Research Fellowship (2001), a Beckman Fellowship of the Center for Advanced Study (2001), a Xerox Senior Faculty Research Award in 2011, and an associateship of the Center for Advanced Study (2014). In 2014 she was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society.

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