Kenneth James Saunders

Kenneth James Saunders

Fellow: Awarded 1925
Field of Study: Religion
Fellow: Awarded 1926
Field of Study: Religion

Competition: US & Canada

University of California, Berkeley; State Teachers College, San Francisco

As published in the Foundation’s Annual Report for 1925-26:

Saunders, Kenneth James: Appointed for research in the field of Oriental religions, especially in connection with Buddhist Art, in consultation with European authorities, and in the Far East; tenure, twelve months from July 1, 1925; reappointed for a continuation of these studies, for six months from July 1, 1926.

Born January 10, 1883, at Capetown, South Africa. Education: Emmanuel College, Cambridge, England, B.A., 1905, M.A., 1915, Litt.D., 1925; studied Buddhism in Ceylon, 1908-12; also in Burma, China, Japan and Korea, 1913–1919.

Taught at Trinity College, Kandy, Ceylon, 1908–12, part time acting as Vice-Principal; taught at Mildmay Training College, London, 1917–19, as director of studies of men in war service; Professor of History of Religion, Pacific School of Religion, 1920—; also Lecturer in Oriental Religions in the University of California, 1922–26, and Lecturer, State Teachers College, San Francisco, 1925. Haskell Lecturer, University of Chicago, 1921.

Publications: “The Buddha’s Way of Virtue,” 1910; “The Heart of Buddhism,” “The Story of Buddhism,” 1915; “Gotama Buddha,” 1919; “Epochs of Buddhist History,” 1921.


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