Lewis V. Heilbrunn

Lewis V. Heilbrunn

Fellow: Awarded 1927
Field of Study: Organismic Biology & Ecology

Competition: US & Canada

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1926–27:

Heilbrunn, Lewis V.: Appointed for researches in to the colloid chemistry of protoplasm, principally with Dr. Herbert Freundlich, at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Berlin, Germany; tenure, twelve months from August 1, 1927.

Born January 24, 1892, at Brooklyn, N. Y. Education: Cornell University, A.B., 1911; University of Chicago, Ph.D., 1914.

Associate Zoology, University of Chicago, 1914–16; Instructor in Anatomy, University of Illinois Medical School, 1916–17; Instructor in Zoology, 1919–21, Assistant Professor, 1921—, University of Michigan.

Publications: Articles in Science, Biological Bulletin, Journal of Experimental Zoology, American Naturalist, American Journal of Physiology, Colloid Symposium Monograph Series.


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