Lila Zemborain

Lila Zemborain

Fellow: Awarded 2007
Field of Study: Poetry

Competition: Latin America & Caribbean

New York University

Lila Zemborain is an Argentine poet and critic who has lived in New York City since 1985.  She is the author of the poetry collections Abrete sésamo debajo del agua (Buenos Aires: Ultimo Reino, 1993), Usted (Ultimo Reino, 1998), Guardianes del secreto (Buenos Aires: Tsé-Tsé, 2002), Malvas orquídeas del mar (Tsé-Tsé, 2004; published as Mauve Sea-Orchids [New York: Belladonna* Books, 2007]), Rasgado (Tsé-Tsé, 2006), and the chapbooks Ardores (Buenos Aires, 1989), and Pampa (Belladonna* Books, 2001). Her work has been included in the anthologies Mujeres mirando al sur. Poetas sudamericanas en USA (Madrid: Ed. Torremozas, 2004) and Final de entrega. Antologíade poetás contra la violencia de género (Córdoba-España: Colectivo Ed., 2006). Her poems, translated by Rosa Alcalá and Mónica de la Torre, have also appeared in several English-language anthologies, including The Light of the City and Sea. An Anthology of Suffolk County Poetry (Sound Beach, New York: Street Press, 2006), and Corresponding Voices (Syracuse: Point of Contact Productions, 2002); in the art catalogues Alessandro Twombly (Brussels: Alain Noirhomme, 2007) and Heidi McFall (New York: Aninna Mosei, 2005); and in publications such as Ecopoetics, Rattapallas, The Brooklyn Rail, A Gathering of the Tribes, The Poetry Project Newsletter, and Mandorla. In addition, she has authored the book-length essay Gabriela Mistral. Una mujer sin rostro (Rosario: Beatriz Biterbo Ed., 2002).

Lila Zemborain is the director and editor of the Rebel Road series, and the curator of the KJCC Poetry Series at New York University.  She is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the M.F.A. in Creative Writing in Spanish of NYU.  In 2006 she taught in the Summer Writing Program at Naropa University.

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