Matthew Josephson

Matthew Josephson

Fellow: Awarded 1933
Field of Study: Biography

Competition: US & Canada

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1933–34:

JOSEPHSON, MATTHEW:  Appointed for the writing of a book, Benjamin Constant and Madame de Staël, abroad; tenure, twelve months from December 2, 1933.

Born February 15, 1899, at Brooklyn, New York. Education: Columbia University, B.A., 1920.

Editor, 1922–24, The Broom; American editor, 1928–29, transition; member of the editorial staff, 1931–32, The New Republic.

Publications:  Galimathias, 1923; Zola and His Time, 1928; Portrait of the Artist as American, 1930;  Jean Jacques Rousseau, 1932. Articles and reviews in The Saturday Review of Literature, Outlook and Independent, The New Republic and other magazines. Translations into English of works by Guillaume Apollinaire and J. M. Carré.

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