Norbert Wiener

Norbert Wiener

Fellow: Awarded 1926
Field of Study: Mathematics

Competition: US & Canada

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1926–27:

Wiener, Norbert: Appointed for researches on Bohr’s almost periodic functions, on haphazard motion, on periodogram analysis, and other topics, connected with one another by forming extensions of the ordinary Fourier series and Fourier integral theory, principally at the University of Göttingen, Germany; tenure, ten months from April 1, 1926.

Born November 26, 1894, at Columbia, Missouri. Education: Tufts College, A.B., 1909; Harvard University, A.M., 1912, Ph.D., 1913; Cornell University, 1910–11; University of Cambridge, 1913–15; University of Göttingen, 1914; Columbia University, 1915; with Professor Frechet at Strasbourg, summer, 1920. Bowdoin Prize and Kirkland Traveling Fellowship, 1913–14, and Sheldon Traveling Fellowship, 1914–15, Harvard University.

Assistant, Docent, Harvard University, 1915–16; Instructor in Mathematics, 1916–17, University of Maine; Staff Writer, Encyclopedia Americana, 1914–18; Instructor in Mathematics, 1919–24, Assistant Professor, 1924—, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Publications: Articles in Messenger of Mathematics, Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Annals of Mathematics, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Publications of the Strasbourg Mathematical Congress, Journal of Mathematics and Physics, M.I.T. Fundamenta Mathematicae, Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France, American Journal of Mathematics, Bulletin of the Polish Academy, Comptes Rendus, Mathematische Zeitschrift, Mathematische Annalen, Goettinger Nachrichten, Journal of Philosophy, Journal of the Australasian Society of Psychology and Philosophy, Monist, etc.


National Book, Science, Philosophy, & Religion (Nonfiction), 1965
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