Norman L. Torrey

Norman L. Torrey

Fellow: Awarded 1932
Field of Study: French Literature
Fellow: Awarded 1954
Field of Study: French Literature

Competition: US & Canada

Yale University

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1931–32:

TORREY, NORMAN LEWIS:  Appointed for studies in the philosophy of Voltaire, in preparation for the writing of a biography of his mind from a literary standpoint; tenure, six months from April 1, 1932.

Born November 6, 1894, at Newbury, Massachusetts. Education: Harvard University, B.A., 1915, M.A., 1921, Ph.D., 1926 (C. R. B. Traveling Fellow, 1920–21; Rogers Traveling Fellow, 1923–24; Sterling Traveling Fellow, Summer, 1927).

Instructor in French, 1921–23, Harvard University; Instructor in French, 1924–27, Assistant Professor, 1927—, Yale University; Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Summers, 1929, 1931.

Publications:  Voltaire and the English Deists, 1930. Editor and translator of Voltaire and the Enlightenment, 1931. Articles in Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, Modern Philology, Modern Language Notes, Fortnightly Review.

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