Raphael Levy

Raphael Levy

Fellow: Awarded 1929
Field of Study: French Literature

Competition: US & Canada

University of Wisconsin, Madison

As published in the Foundation’s Report for 1929–30:

Levy, Raphael:  Appointed to copy and publish with an adequate commentary all material of value for Old French lexicography contained in seven unpublished French manuscripts, written in Hebrew characters, available in the libraries of Paris, Basle, Berne, Leipzig, and Parma; tenure, twelve months from July 1, 1929.

Born November 4, 1900, at Baltimore, Maryland.  Education: Johns Hopkins University, A. B., 1920, M. A., 1922, Ph. D., 1924; University of Paris, 1922–23.

Instructor in French, 1922, Baltimore City College; Instructor in Romance Languages, 1924–29, University of Wisconsin.

Publications: “The Astrological Works of Abraham ibn Ezra . . . with special reference to the Old French translation of Hagin,” 1927. Articles in the Modern Language Journal, Wisconsin Alumni Magazine, Romanic Review; reviews in O Instituto—Revista Scientifica e Literária.

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